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Types of Events

Fix It! Workshop

  • 3 Horse & Rider Spots - $125 / each
  • 1.5 hour Session per Horse & Rider
    4.5 hours Total
  • Each Rider shows up with a specific problem to solve. I explain the training principles in real time as I guide the horse & rider through the process of "Fixing" their challenge.
  • Auditor Spots - $25 / Day
  • Children FREE
$125per Horse & Rider

Horseless Rider Seminar

  • 1.5 Hours
  • Learn Feel, Timing, Balance, Communication, & Technique through Simulations with fellow horse people.
  • Safe, Fun Learning Environment
  • Build good muscle memory and habits without worrying about making mistakes with your horse.
  • Your horse will LOVE you for it!
  • AGES 12 & UP
$351.5 Hours

Upcoming Events

Attend a scheduled event, or book and host your own event.

  • Horse Personalities & Learning Styles

    Horse Personalities & Learning Styles

    09-23-2023 12:00 pm -1:30 pm


    Horseless Rider Seminar

    Demos, Q&A, and Training Simulations to Boost Your Horsemanship Skills in a Low Pressure Setting

    Learn about the 4 basic horse personality and learning styles, then take a quiz to see where your horse might fall in those profiles.  Then we'll bring in demo horses, and let everyone participate in figuring out each horse's style, training needs, and talk about what kinds of training exercises might be best for them.

  • Liberty Training Clinic

    Liberty Training Clinic

    09-30-2023 12:00 pm -3:00 pm


    No Strings Attached!

    Learn the basics of training your horse at liberty.

    There's nothing like the feeling of you and your horse communicating, connecting, and moving in harmony with no equipment.  There's no better example or proof of partnership than playing with no strings attached.  And it's FUN!!!

  • Training with Obstacles

    Training with Obstacles

    10-28-2023 12:00 pm -3:00 pm


    Working Equitation - Trail Obstacles

    Obstacles Taken at Your Own Pace (Not at Speed or Timed)

    A fun way to advance your training and partnership, whether you compete or just like to add variety to your horse activities. We'll be playing with the elements of horsemanship (communication, confidence, focus, straightness, impulsion, etc.) and applying those things to a variety of obstacles.

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