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High-Energy "Pushy" Horses

These horses are confident, athletic, friendly, playful, dominant, but don't like to be controlled or confined.  It can be challenging to get cooperation out of them when they have their own ideas, but don't make the mistake of getting dr...
Classical Naturally Blog

High-Energy "Anxious" Horses

You know these horses.  You can't miss them.  They're the ones with high heads, wide eyes, and busy feet.  Spooking, running off, nervous sweating, and dragging people around by the lead rope seem to come with the package, as we...
Classical Naturally Blog

Low-Energy "Dominant" Horses

This is the horse who "won't go" and often bucks instead of going forward.  This horse gets called "disrespectful, lazy, grumpy, dominant, aggressive, or mean".  But those descriptions really don't capture what's going on for this ho...
Classical Naturally Blog

Low-Energy "Timid" Horses

These horses are so sweet. There's not a mean bone in their body, but it's REALLY hard to get them to go anywhere or do anything when they don't feel confident.  It's like their feet are stuck to the ground.  If you push them you eit...

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A "skill-building" approach to horsemanship education that focuses on heart-centered, evidence-based training for horses & riders of all disciplines and all levels. 

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