Make Progress with Short, Focused Courses

Learn the Art and Science of Horse Training

Strengthen Your Partnership With Your Horse

On Line Courses

A powerful stand-alone learning solution, OR combine them with live training for maximum progress!

Live Workshops

Small group workshops offer just the right amount of focused learning, fun with friends, and quality time with your horse.

Universal Training Principles

All good horsemanship is based on the science of connection, the psychology of motivation, and healthy bio-mechanics.

<br/><b>Horse & Rider Bio-Mechanics</b>

Horse & Rider Bio-Mechanics
Build Balance, Refine Your Aids
And Help Your Horse To Move & Feel Their Best

<br/><b>Ground Training</b>

Ground Training
Build Cooperation & Athletic Ability Through
Lunging, Patterns, Obstacles & Classical Work In Hand


Kind, Effective Solutions for Common Problems
On the Ground & In the Saddle

<br/><b>Sports Psychology</b>

Sports Psychology
Taking A Look at Horsemanship
Through the Lens of Self-Mastery


University of Equestrian Arts

A "skill-building" approach to horsemanship education that focuses on heart-centered, evidence-based training for horses & riders of all disciplines and all levels. 

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